Seven year old Isabelle is undecided as to the name of her winning creation of ‘Kids Choice’ at the 2019 Christchurch Brick Show, Rainbow Snowball or Unikittys Furball?

Isabelle and Mum, Amy-Jo Cameron have exhibited at the show for the last two years. This year Isabelle wanted to show off all her “critters” but wasn’t sure how. A friend suggested “a cake with segments” but that proved a little tricky for the young builder, so mum suggested the idea of a multi-coloured globe based on the Death Star. The idea was perfect, lots of rooms to create little vignettes, however, the colour was not! Isabelle decided plain white would be more suitable to making the characters ‘pop’ and she was right.

Using the LEGO® set #10188 Death Star instructions, Isabelle built the globe with a little help from mum. She filled each section with a different scene allowing for a multitude of stories within the overall model. This was the perfect way to showcase her collection of critters, each telling their own story whilst cleverly separated by the natural partitions of the base build. Set on top a lazy susan for display, the model was easily rotated for viewers to admire all 360 degrees of the creation.

Something that really catches the eye from a distance and ties the whole model together when up close is the rainbow. Using what looks to be hundreds, perhaps thousands of 1×2 and 1×1 round plates Isabelle and Amy-Jo were able to create a stunning rainbow that curved around the build weaving its way form the center to the top where it bursts into a stunning rainbow flower. The build took an entire week of dedicated build time and approximately 5000 parts. We certainly look forward to what Isabelle creates for the 2020 show!