Rogue One: A Star Wars Story debuted in cinemas back in 2016. Soon after watching it I knew that the final battle would make for an awesome MoC (My Own Creation). My partner Amy and I had recently joined the Wellington Lego User Group, after we displayed at our first show, we were keen to attempt something bigger. I had a few conversations with other members of the LUG hoping that we might be able to do some sort of collaborative build but ultimately it didn’t go anywhere. Instead we ended up expanding from our small city MoC ideas from the first show and doing a brand-new collaborative city scene. However, as part of LUG-bulk for that year we did manage to order a heap of palm leaf elements that we used in the city MOC with the ultimate aim being to use them in a ‘Scarif’ MOC of some sort.

Amy and I are both tactile builders. Apart from a rough idea of the footprint a lot of the planning was just building prototypes, building, rebuilding and rebuilding again. Our initial plan was to have the wings and tower thinner and smaller in thickness. We figured that the total tower would be roughly my height (180cm). However, we also wanted the scale to work with the Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle set so that it could sit on the landing platform, and so our plans expanded.

We printed off screenshots from the movie and began obsessively watching YouTube videos, in particular Kris Productions crazy tower MoC and also Garrett Crow and Jhaelon Edwards amazing creation. By the time we had the second or third iteration of the wings of the tower complete we started to realise that we had maybe, ‘bitten off more than we could chew’. However, we had gone too far to stop, so basically, we were committed! We mostly worked on the tower until we started to run out of grey bricks at which point, we switched to landscaping the front area while we waited for brick orders to turn up. A huge amount of Amy’s time was spent compiling lists of parts and comparing Lego vs Bricklink to see who had what pieces at the best price.

As the show date started to loom our schedule became more and more hectic. All our spare time in the evenings (after our kids were in bed) and weekends was dedicated to building. We begged and borrowed parts with from members of Well-LUG. The support we have received has been incredible, this project would have not been possible without their support. We had one order from Lego stopped at customs in Auckland which was only four weeks from the show so it gave us a bit of a scare but we ended up getting it through.

We got it finished with about a week to spare. The tower is completely modular and comes apart in sections for transporting. We didn’t realise until after we had built the wings of the tower that they would be too large to fit in a standard plastic box. We were very fortunate that a friend of ours was able to build us some custom boxes for transporting those sections. The drive up to Palmerston North and setup for the show was nerve-racking. Luckily everything survived intact and we had an awesome first show.

The final result is amazing to see when you step back from it. The different angles of the tower and the circular landing platform were some challenging bits to figure out but probably the most difficult to build for me was the satellite dish. It is incredibly fragile and the segments work out to be an odd number so it is not symmetrical which makes attaching the dish to the base very tricky. If I could figure out a way to make the dish more dish shaped that would be the ultimate but at this point I’m just happy when it stays together.

As I write this, we have successfully made it back from displaying our creation a second time at the Christchurch Brick Show which was an absolute blast. Our plans are to display at our Wellington Show 14th-15th September and hopefully at the Auckland Brick Show 26th-27th October (Labour weekend). After that who knows but we will probably have to give some parts back. It’s been an awesome experience and I’m so lucky to have a partner who loves Lego as much as I do. I’m not sure how we are going to top this build. Maybe it’s better if we just try something completely different.

For more behind the scenes action and time lapses of us building check out our YouTube channel

Story written by Llewe Jones. Images Llewe Jones, Peanut Productions/Christchurch Brick Show


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