• Set: 60223 Harvester Transporter
  • Year: 2019
  • Theme: City
  • Price NZD: $49.00 RRP
  • Part Count: 358
  • Age: 5+

“Help the LEGO® City farmer manage his crops with the 60223 Harvester Transport! This heavy-duty toy transport truck features an opening minifigure cab and a hitch, plus a flatbed truck transport trailer with a holder for the harvester tool and 2 lowering ramps. This fantastic farm toy also features a white, yellow and green toy combine harvester with an opening minifigure cab, removable harvester tool and articulated unloading auger at the back, plus 2 LEGO minifigures and a buildable scarecrow figure.” www.lego.shop.com

The set comes in four separate bags which allows for simultaneous cooperative building: Bag and book one = truck cab. Bag and book two = trailer. Bags and books three and four = Harvester. There is one sticker sheet.

There are two minifigs in the set, plus a scarecrow. A male farmer character A generic male character with city styling and sunglasses. The brick built scarecrow uses some minifigure parts such as a printed head, a hat and a scarf.

Minifigs included in set #60223

The build is straightforward, not overly challenging as suggested by the age range. It is ideal for a combined building activity with or between the kids as you can have several things being built at once. Alternatively if you have a rather impatient young one that you’re building for, you can easily finish off the truck cab first and they can play with that while you build the rest. You could start with bags three and four and build the harvester first, flexibility is king! I rarely build anything from the LEGO City range so this was a different type of build from the Star Wars sets I’m used to. I don’t believe there are any unique, new or rare pieces in this set.

Play features: I like the way the harvester can drive up the trailer.There are little pins to fix it in place as well as fix the thresher attachment in place. The scarecrow is pretty cool too, although younger builders may have trouble attaching the head. The roof comes off both truck and harvester in order to fit the drivers in, however is is a little cramped in the truck. You can quite easily switch two pieces around to modify the truck into a right-hand drive to make it more realistic for a Kiwi setting.

Complaints: The only thing I didn’t like was the stickers, although I can understand why they are there. I just don’t like stickers because I have small pudgy fingers and it takes ages to put them on properly (and I don’t have the patience to do it the way they suggest in the YouTube tutorials!)

Final thoughts: The only reason the Lego Shop rating is 4.5 and not higher is because someone wasn’t happy with the scale of the harvester compared to a previous set. It’s certainly a smaller harvester in terms of the relative scales but fits well with the truck and trailer. If you’re a real farm machinery aficionado then it might be a little bit too much for you to live with but it’s probably not an issue for most people. The set will sit well on a shelf as a display. I’ve yet to break it apart to have a go at seeing what else could be made from the parts, but your options will be fairly limited. There are a number of wheels, wheel hubs, several window panes so you’re most likely just going to be coming up with other vehicles. I like the set and enjoyed the build, it’s a nice quick straightforward building experience with no hooks or traps for young builders.


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