LEGO® CMF Series 19

Into its ninth year and nineteenth series, LEGO have been onto a winner with the CMF’s since series one. images of series 19 dropped over night and this series looks like it wont disappoint either! Probably one of the best things about CMF’s is the introduction of new elements that surely make their way into upcoming sets and add that spice of life to any LEGO build. Brick Hub take a look at each figure and share our thoughts here.

The Minifigs have not yet been named, so we have named them ourselves with what we think is appropriate. Watch this space to see how close we get.

#1 Doggy Daycare | Female minifig with dual moulded cap/hair that has a nice looking paw print on it. The overalls appear to be short leg with possibly dual molded legs. The attendant has a green shovel which is a new colour for this part. Two dogs are included, a French Bulldog and a new Dachshund. Brick Hub rating 9/10. Reason, New spade colour, new dog mold, enough said!

#2 Fox Guy | Female face is a Fox costume with a chicken and sack as accessories. Custom head cover piece with some pretty precise printing. The chicken and sack elements have been around for a while, however, an easy source of chickens would always be welcome for farm MoCs. having a ‘fox’ in the hen house would be a nice little easter egg. Brick Hub rating 6/10. Reason, no new accessories, but good for a vignette.

#3 Gamer Dude | This fig will be appealing to a lot of people, I’m sure plenty of people can even relate and you would be forgiven for thinking LEGO have taken inspiration from YouTube personality Jacksepticeye. The dual molded hairpiece with the headset looks amazing, it’s a little odd they chose green for the hair, but for some reason it seems to work! Male face with a little goatee, bushy eyebrows and a wry smile give the fig a nice looking character. The torso print on the jacket shows several nods to themes of years gone by and the printed accessory off his belt looks to be a clear nod to the classic Space Invaders game. Anyone who has played a console game will likely recognise the controller accessory and unlike the Video Game Guy of series 12 this guys is a new mold and printing very reminiscent of any Xbox or Playstation controller. Not sure if the tile is meant to be a game cover or a poster, but its interesting how the character is the Cyborg from series 13. Brick Hub rating 10/10. Reason, Relatable, nice headset, controller element is perfect and prints will look great in any setting.

#4 Monkey Warrior | This minifig seems to be the most random of the whole series. It does not relate to any that have come in previous series and is slightly reminiscent of the retired Chima theme. However he does look similar to the Monkey King from a TV series called Monkey Apart from the head piece nothing else is new. The head decoration was first seen in the Overwatch theme and is a NEW colour for the part. The cloak is interesting, and the duel molded arms could well be used on other figs but the figure is a little underwhelming. brick Hub rating 3/10. Reason, doesn’t seem to fit with any theme, no interesting parts.

#5 Bath Time Guy | Male fig with a big smile. Comes with a naked torso and a cloth accessory meant to represent a towel wrapped around his waist. The question is, what’s under the towel? he also has a shower cap which first appeared on the Surgeon CMF from series six, a brush and a duckling which has only just appeared in 2019. However, green is a new colour for this mold. Brick Hub rating 10/10. Reason, one word, potential.. this fig has it in spades!

#6 Lady Programmer | Sadly this image does not show the figs accessories which are a laptop and a small brick built robot with a printed 1×1 brick. The binary code on the torso spells LEGO. The figures face is female with black rimmed glasses, the jacket tied around the waist is a nice touch and could be used on any generic fig in any setting. Brick Hub rating 7/10. Reason, no exclusive accessories, but a useful fig in many situations.

#7 Ghost Knight | Nothing really super exciting about this guy? Without being able to see any torso or armour prints clearly, the print on the shield suggests the character would fit in well with any classic castle/knights themed build. The helmet piece has been seem before as has the trans light blue flame, however the trans light blue sword os a new re-colour. To be honest, that’s about the only thing going for this figs! Brick Hub rating 3/10. Reason, nothing super exciting but always a good to have more castle/knights options for those MoC’s.

#8 Mountain Bike Girl | Now this one looks exciting, a female figure with a dual molded helmet/hair piece. (this seems to be more and more common with LEGO now) The face shows the fig wearing a nice pair of sunglasses, pink printed torso and black hands, no doubt representing bike gloves. The legs look to be duel molded with prints accentuating knee pads. The mountain bike first appeared in the Outdoor Adventures pack from 2018 but is a new re-colour in blue. Brick Hub rating 6/10. Reason, no new accesores, but a great fig for scenes and MoC’s.

#9 Egyptian Pharaoh Mummy | This seems to be another strange inclusion. LEGO have done several Pharaoh minifigs in the past both in the system sets (Pharaoh’s Quest and CMF’s) This fig does have nice prints that are very details, the headpiece is a recolour of the same one that came with the Egyptian Warrior in series 13. Not shown in this image is the accessory, which is a gold scorpion. The head piece and hands may well be desirable for Monochrome collections but in all honesty, that’s about it! Brick Hub rating 2/10. Reason, nothing new, no decent accessories.

#10 Fire Chief Lady | Another female figure with yet again another dual molded helmet/hair piece. Printed torso, wrists and legs are most likely exclusive to this fig but unable to confirm when writing this review. The accessory os a printed megaphone element which was first introduced in 2018 in flat silver, therefore white is a new colour. This is not overly exciting as a CMF, but will fit in nicely with any City fire scene. Brick Hub rating 3/10. Reason, Pretty generic, but has potential in a City scene.

#11 Herpetologist Guy | This guys looks great, with his face and torso reminiscent of the figs from the Orient Expedition theme and several accessories it has a lot going for it. The hat has been around for a ling time, the backpack a recolour of the Hikers backpack from series 16 and a magnifying glass that does actually magnify, the hero of the set has to the Chameleon. This little guy is going to be sort after (as most animals are) for all the budding tanerium MoC’s and zoo’s out there. Brick Hub rating, 9/10. Reason, the Chameleon!

#12 I don’t know where to even start with naming this one… Flamingo Lady, Miami Resident, Bird lady?? | There’s something kind of strangely attractive about this fig and its not the leopard print legs! It just works, the hairpiece is right, the face print is appropriate and the torso is well designed. Again though, the hero is the flamingo. The plant element is always going to be a welcome addition also. It looks to be standard green which would be a new colour as this has only come in bright green and black to date. Brick Hub rating 9/10. Reason, that Flamingo though!!

#13 Pizza Guy | There’s not much to say really, the fig says it all! This guy is going to fit in perfectly with the City Pizza Van, the Pizza Delivery Man from series 13. Looking forward to seeing all the Pizza place MoC’s with this guy standing out front. Brick Hub rating 7/10. Reason, good vignette character but purpose is specific.

#14 Rainbow Bear | If you are of a certain age, you would be forgiven for thinking this was a Care Bear. This fig will have a certain appeal to some people and would look great in a theme park MoC. It uses the same head piece seen before on the Panda be it all new colours. The rainbow tile will be appealing also, and the new heart piece in a new colour is always going to be welcomed. The torso will look great on a generic minifig also, the print is nice and everyone loves rainbows! Brick Hub rating 5/10. Reason, its pretty plain, nothing super exciting going on, but still a fun fig with some potential.

#15 Space Bounty Hunter | This is an interesting inclusion if not a little dark! The fig itself looks great with some very fine printing. Some of you may recognised the Blackton Two logo on the torso, and like us, be hoping for a return of the theme! The helmet looks similar to the newer Ironman version but the spikes on the side suggest this is a new mold? The shoulder piece also looks new, the gun is pretty standard and the trans red book cover is a nice use, the print is a nice play on words also. Brick Hub rating 6/10. Reason, nothing overly special going on, quite niche, but does have potential in sci-fi MoC’s.

#16 Rugby Player | Its nice to finally see another sport represented. Given that Rugby is New Zealand’s national game, this figure is likely to appeal to many of us. The face print makes him look a little tired and the helmet piece whilst trying to represent headgear actually makes him look like hes from 1902! The ball is perfect and has a really nice print. The printing on the torso and legs is nice and definitely suitable to the theme. It will be interesting to see if the back is printed with a number, if its not, get 20 of them custom printed and boom, a whole team! Brick Hub rating 10/10. Reason, well.. were in NZ! the potential of course. Question is which team would those colours represent? Regardless of that, you will see All Blacks with that ball in the future I have no doubt!


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