16×16 Build Challenge

Welcome to the 16×16 Build Challenge 2020

The 16×16 Challenge is intended to be a fun and engaging activity for everyone across the globe in this time of uncertainty and quarantine. All you have to do is build a LEGO model that fits within a footprint of 16×16 studs Please read the criteria carefully and we look forward to your submissions. Have fun and Play Well.

General information:

Submissions will be accepted from now until 5pm 30th April 2020 (NZT) Judging will commence from May 1st 2020 and results will be announced on Between the Bricks Livestream thereafter so make sure you FOLLOW the channel.

Make sure you follow all the BtB socials so you can keep up to date with any 16×16 Build Challenge announcements.

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  1. WINNER – LEGO to the value of 100 Euros*
  2. PEOPLE’S CHOICE – LEGO to the value of 100 Euros*

The winner will be deemed by a judging panel (3 Judges) invited by BtB to participate in this event. Dan from BtB will NOT be a judge. We will get to meet the judges over the course of the month on a Livestream so keep an eye out on the BtB socials (Facebook | Instagram | Twitch | Twitter) for when they will happen.

The PEOPLE’S CHOICE will be made available after judging. The top five submission as decided by the judges will then go forward to the people’s choice. After voting is complete the WINNER and the PEOPLE’S CHOICE will be announced.

The WINNER and PEOPLES CHOICE can be won a single submission! so you have a chance at 200 Euros in LEGO prizes. Prizes are sponsored by Between the Bricks, Recognised LEGO Fan Media and are not exchangeable for cash. You must supply your address to BtB in order to receive your LEGO prize/s. You will be able to select up to the value of your prize from currently available LEGO products on the Shop at Home website. the Prize will be delivered to you but can take up to six weeks.

Entry Criteria:

  1. Model must be brick built using genuine LEGO® parts only. There is no limit on what parts from the entire LEGO catalogue as long as its genuine LEGO.
  2. The model can be no wider than 16 studs, no deeper than 16 studs and no taller than 16 bricks. NO OVERHANG. Anything within these dimensions is acceptable, it does not have to be on a baseplate
  3. When submitting your model, only one photo from any one angle may be submitted, composite/collages will not be accepted
  4. NO photoshop or after effects are to be used, clean photography of the model please. You can place the model on a real backdrop for effect though.
  5. Photo must be submitted to btbrlfm@gmail.com no later than 5pm 30th April 2020 New Zealand Standard Time

What are the judges looking for??

You can build anything, any theme, as long as its is family friendly, however.. No religion, No politics.. just have fun and be creative. The judges will be looking for:

  1. Creativity
  2. Recognisability
  3. Creative use of parts
  4. Story
  5. Wow factor (overall impression)

When it’s time for the photo, do the best you can to make it clear, bright and clean. If possible, use a plain coloured background, or a nice (real life) backdrop, try and light it well. Take your time, but remember, NO photoshop or digital effects. Let the model tell the story and whatever you do, be proud of your achievement.

Each category will be scored out of a possible ten points. Categories will be totalled to determine the top five and and an overall winner. In the event of a tie, The people’s choice votes will add points in order of rank for example the most votes get five points, 4th highest get four points and so on. If there is still a tie for the ‘Winner’ then the judges will decide. The judge’s decision is final final.

Who are the Judges??


Nick is an AFOL, Streamer and extremely talented LEGO builder from Canada. Nick streams regularly on Twitch and is an active member of the LEGO community traveling to Brick Shows across North America and Canada.

Nick has recently reached the 10K club on LEGO Ideas with the Tesla Cybertruck and had his LEGO Movie Two Brick built logo featured in the AFOL Exhibit in the LEGO House, Billund.

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Cade Franklin

Cade is half of the winning team from the very successful first season of, LEGO Masters Australia. Cade is an AFOL, Game designer, father and husband who has had a lifelong love of the brick. Cade’s creativeness and lifelong obsession with LEGO stood him in good stead for the show which ultimately led he and fellow team mate Henry to lift the LEGO trophy.

Since winning LEGO Masters Cade has made many appearances at brickshows and store events around Australia and New Zealand.


JK Brickworks

Jason and Kristal who form JK Brickworks are both extremely talented builders who specialise in movement and kinetic sculpture. Jason and Kristal have traveled the world with their amazing creations to share their love of the brick with fans and hobbyists alike.

Jason has had two LEGO Ideas submissions qualify and produced into LEGO sets, the Maze and Pop up book. Some of Jason and Kristals works are on display in the AFOL Exhibit at the LEGO house, Billund.

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube